We all miss Lucky. Please share your story

Lucky is beloved by his family, but also by hundreds of patients, colleagues and friends of Dr. Nan Lu. Please share your stories and warm wishes by leaving a comment on this post.


4 Comments on “We all miss Lucky. Please share your story”

  1. Faith says:

    I hope you get Lucky back. I have the same exact German Shepard & I would be devasted if he were to be stolen . So sad!

  2. Lynn says:

    Not sure of the website name but they have a Fb page set up for animals missing and found from time around the storm. Hope that is helpful and I will say a prayer that Lucky is found soon

  3. Linda Ann Cubellis says:

    I own a grooming salon in nutley..I will post a notice in the window and put it on our fb website….Capoochinos Grooming Gallery

  4. Kristen P. says:

    There is absolutely no way to quantify the amount of love and joy Lucky has brought into my life, all our lives — the students, patients, and colleagues of Dr. Lu. My fondest memory of Lucky is this: one day he was lying on the floor in the office. He looked so cozy, so comfortable there, that I just layed down on the floor too . . . right next to him! We then played a game where we both would look away and then at the same time look back at each other. It made me laugh and also made me wonder: Is Lucky really a human in a dog’s coat? One time I was petting him and he gently placed his paw on my cheek! Whomever took this lovely animal does not realize the extent we love this dog and how much a part of our lives he’s been for these eight years. Lucky has a soul, and that soul chose to be with us all these years. Please, you who have done this, know you will never break our connection of love to Lucky. And what goes around comes around.

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